All comfy in a local Pension?

04 September 2018

I saw a picture of an old boarding house recently, with painted advertising on its exterior, noting Hotel, accommodation and Pension

A taxing topic: IHT and your estate

22 August 2018

Inheritance tax can be a thorny issue and a difficult topic to consider between partners and relatives. It’s quite natural to want to avoid the subject of death, particularly your own or of loved ones, and this reticence can mean that opportunities for important tax planning during life are missed.

Regrets...I’ve had a few!

15 August 2018

Regret is never a good emotion to harbour. Indeed, correcting a regret can be one of the most satisfying and personal things that anyone can achieve.

How do you make protection sexy?

11 July 2018

Have you heard the one about the life assurance salesman who…no, nor have we, and I am sure it wasn’t funny anyway!

Is going mainstream sustainable?

04 July 2018

Some of the readers of the Chapters Financial blog will know that I wrote a book on innovation and disruption, called Scared of Something Different, about two years ago.

It’s all change?

15 June 2018

Brexit has been a great concern to many in the UK. Listening to some loud and frequent press / media comment, the perceived view, set against other geopolitical positions, might be that British business and British consumers are somewhat doomed.

How happy are your employees?

01 June 2018

I ask the team once a year ‘if you could change one thing, what would it be?’ Possibly a dangerous question!

‘Developed for planned obsolescence’ The end of your production?

18 May 2018

Many of you may know that I am something of a car buff. I tend to like the technical stuff, rather than the driving, and the recent opportunity to watch a programme on car production and design, its techniques, and principals was very appealing one mid-week evening.