The circumstances of individuals, families and businesses are unique to the journey they have taken. As Independent Financial Advisers and Chartered Financial Planners, we understand that with most financial planning there is rarely a standard answer to the needs of clients. Planning your money to your bespoke needs is important, and we often find that a combination of initial recommendations, implementation, and review can make a positive difference to financial outcomes for both private and corporate clients.

Chapters Financial celebrates 20 years of client service and advice in 2024, following our successful move in late 2021 from Guildford High Street to Tunsgate in the very heart of Guildford, overlooking Guildford Castle.

We have over four decades of combined experience in the financial advice profession, dealing in a range of areas to provide you with service and advice for your wealth management and needs. We have chosen to maintain an independent status (IFA) to ensure that we can offer you a tailored service, whether looking at your overall financial planning, new plans or reviewing your existing arrangements. As Chartered Financial Planners, we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethical good practice. It means you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK's leading firms that is wholly committed to providing you with the best possible financial planning advice, service and support. Throughout our website, and blog page, you will find details of the services we offer and the topics on which we regularly provide advice to our clients.

When considering your financial advice process, we will need to understand your present circumstances, i.e., where you have been, and just as importantly where you want to go with your objectives and aspirations. This may well include your attitude to investment risk and any ethical, environmental, social or governance preferences you may have for your funds, pensions and investments. We can guide you to your financial objectives and manage your expectations.

We can offer advice to private clients, corporate clients (SMEs) and charities. If you are pleased with our service please tell your friends, family and colleagues: we always welcome referrals, and these are an important part of our business. We provide financial advice on a fee basis and our Terms of Business and Client Agreement details the charges we will make for providing financial advice. A copy of this document can be found here.

The benefits of independent financial advice will be personal to each client

We all make choices, every day of our lives. Some vital, some important, some less so. Chapters Financial has chosen to remain an independent financial adviser, free of any ties to one or more companies or marketing groups. The business is owned entirely by its directors, who remain solely responsible for the service and advice that we offer, both at the initial engagement stage and on an ongoing basis. We believe that in part, this is why most of our clients have remained with us for many years, even decades.

Any products we offer, if these are required, are chosen on their merits, be these charges, flexibility, investment fund range, a combination of these, or other features. We are not restricted in this choice, as some advisers are, to a limited range of plans that can sometimes suit the company's terms, rather than the individual client. Be careful to check this important point before committing to an adviser, or company.

The benefits of independent financial advice will be personal to each client. Whatever the reason you value independent advice for your pension, investment, and financial planning, you know that Chapters Financial can offer you service, advice and implementation from the full market.

If you would like to receive independent financial advice from an independent company, then please do contact the team at Chapters Financial in central Guildford.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope you find the rest of this site, and our topical blogs, of interest.

Keith Churchouse, B A (Hons), FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner
CFP Chartered FCSI

Esther Dadswell, B Eng (Hons), C Eng, MICE, CMgr,MCMI
Chartered Civil Engineer
Chartered Manager

Vicky Fulcher, MSc CFP Chartered MCSI

We reserve the right to decline service at the enquiry stage if appropriate.