It’s all change?

15 June 2018

Brexit has been a great concern to many in the UK. Listening to some loud and frequent press / media comment, the perceived view, set against other geopolitical positions, might be that British business and British consumers are somewhat doomed.

How happy are your employees?

01 June 2018

I ask the team once a year ‘if you could change one thing, what would it be?’ Possibly a dangerous question!

‘Developed for planned obsolescence’ The end of your production?

18 May 2018

Many of you may know that I am something of a car buff. I tend to like the technical stuff, rather than the driving, and the recent opportunity to watch a programme on car production and design, its techniques, and principals was very appealing one mid-week evening.

Gifts to the happy couple?

14 May 2018

There is much on our website and in our recent client Newsletter about inheritance tax and the possible ways that this liability charged to many estates on death can be reduced.

Around in circles?

26 April 2018

If this was a financial reference, I might feel a little uneasy, but I am referring to our new roundabout sponsorship across Guildford.

Summer 2018 Newsletter

16 April 2018