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The benefits of independent financial advice will be personal to each client

14 March 2023

We all make choices, every day of our lives. Some vital, some important, some less so. Chapters Financial Limited has chosen to remain an independent financial adviser, free of any ties to one or more companies or marketing groups. The business is owned entirely by its directors, who remain solely responsible for the service and advice that we offer, both at the initial engagement stage and on an ongoing basis. We believe that in part, this is why most of our clients have remained with us for many years, even decades.

Any products we offer, if these are required, are chosen on their merits, be these charges, flexibility, investment fund range, a combination of these, or other features. We are not restricted in this choice, as some advisers are, to a limited range of plans that can sometimes suit the company's terms, rather than the individual client. Be careful to check this important point before committing to an adviser, or company.

The benefits of independent financial advice will be personal to each client. Whatever the reason you value independent advice for your pension, investment, and financial planning, you know that Chapters Financial can offer you service, advice and implementation from the full market.

If you would like to receive independent financial advice from an independent company, then please do contact the team at Chapters Financial in central Guildford.

No individual advice is provided during the course of this blog.

Keith Churchouse
Chapters Financial

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