Late Summer Newsletter 2020

08 September 2020

They move in mysterious ways

04 September 2020

We are all human and we are aware of the catastrophic effects of the way COVID-19 has moved through communities across the globe.

The coffee machine hub

27 August 2020

It is often imagined that the coffee machine or water cooler is the hub of the office gossip, banter and indeed ideas!

About 3 months to go!

02 August 2020

With our Prime Minister suggesting that the UK may be ‘back to normal’ – if that is ever possible again – by Christmas 2020

Redundancy & Early Retirement

22 July 2020

Having been made redundant twice in my working life, I know that being made redundant can be a turbulent and emotional time for most.

Super Saturday? Time may decide

10 July 2020

Saturday 04 July 2020 was the day that many of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were relaxed in most locations