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14 June 2021

With half term over and the children back in school, I think it would be great to start with a look at the way pocket money habits have changed over the last historic year, with a recent survey (May 2021) out from the Halifax. It is interesting to note some of the variances this survey shows.

UK pocket money survey from the Halifax

The Halifax produces a pocket money survey in the spring/summer of each year. The 2021 Halifax survey was released in May this year and makes interesting reading.

It notes that pocket money has dropped slightly to an average of £6.48 per week (£7.55 average reported in 2020). To put this into context, the survey found that 59% of children are aware that the financial position in their home had changed during the pandemic.

A quarter of British children started gardening during the lock-down periods to help their parents. 15% started looking after their siblings and 10% did the shopping for a vulnerable person. These are all jobs that children weren't doing before lockdown. A further 32% also took on new general housework tasks. Interestingly, this wave of industriousness doesn't seem to have been driven by pocket money – two thirds of parents said that they hadn't used this as an incentive for their children to help more.

Apparently around 44% of children also regularly receive money from their grandparents, on top of their pocket money from parents, and 8% of parents think grandparents should give more to grandchildren. Gifting to younger generations can be an effective way of reducing an IHT bill, and there are a number of tax efficient ways of making gifts, although these should always be discussed and planned carefully with a suitable adviser.

More on this topic can be found on the Lloyds website here:

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