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Why financial adviser qualifications matter / Consumer Duty

15 August 2023

As we touched on in our last newsletter, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched its Consumer Duty initiative right at the end of July. One of its first updates on the same day was to ensure that, following much criticism, banks and building societies passed on quickly Bank of England base rate increases to deposit savers. This is to improve consumer outcomes, the overall objective of Consumer Duty for all those providing financial products, services and advice to the public across the UK.

One aspect of the FCA initiative is to ensure that any financial advice service offered is focused on the correct target market. Many readers will know that the advice team at Chapters Financial is qualified to some of the highest levels in the areas of pensions, investment, and financial planning. As an example, the Certified Financial Planner qualification held by both Keith Churchouse and Vicky Fulcher is recognised both nationally and internationally. Our qualifications cover a broad spectrum of advice areas, including the planning of long-term care, a topic that has seen an uplift in enquiries this year.

We continue to maintain our learning through continuous professional development and are committed to maintaining high advice standards to ensure that our clients receive the service and advice that they need, initially, at review and for their long-term financial planning.

No individual advice is provided in the content of this blog.

Keith Churchouse FPFS
CFP Chartered FCSI
Chartered Financial Planner

Chapters Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, number 402899

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