Why doesn’t that happen anymore?

02 March 2020

We all remember the 'good old times!'. That period in your life when, well, it just wasn't a problem. You might have been lifted by love, by companionship, by extra money...or simply shielded from the reality of what was actually going on.

I always reach back to the mid-1970s, a time when I was about 7-9 years old, and the world for me was fun. The start of the 70s had not been easy, and the years to come after were to prove challenging (that's another story), but those middle years seemed to have everything. From the Queen's Silver Jubilee (great fun!), to football, to swimming pools, to generally discovery of life. As you can guess, the world is now a very different place. Better? Hmm. More connected? Certainly. Smaller and more immediate? Yes!

And there's lots of things that seem to be more complicated than they ever were before, and I believe that is not always a good thing.

From a financial planning perspective, technology and its advances has proved valuable in providing the end user, clients, with more real-time information. Whether they choose to use that information is down to them, but it certainly allows our client responses to be quicker and more exact when looking at issues such as current allocations, fund values and performance.

Technology also allows us to achieve fund switches, sales, secure emails and changes online in many cases to make trades quicker, with confirmations also being electronic.

Paper forms are still the only option from some providers, but their days I believe are numbered and, I am sure, we will look back positively to say, 'Why doesn't that happen anymore?'.

However you want your information detailed to you for your investments and pension arrangements, and perhaps if you have not reviewed your planning for a while, talk to the team at Chapters Financial for your ongoing needs.

Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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