What’s changed with you?

19 January 2017

After 3 years, Chapters Financial has decided not to further its current lease at its Woking office and this has now closed. Our Guildford office has not been affected by this change, indeed, we have renewed and extended our lease at the Guildford office for a good few years into the future. We are delighted by this new extension and opportunity to expand our business in Guildford.

This is a good example of change over time. But what about you?

When we monitor clients' plans we look at investment allocations and economic factors based on the current climate. We also use the information provided by you to confirm your attitude and tolerance to investment risk. Over time this may change, either through your own circumstances, or through your view on the geopolitical position as it stands. The last six to eight months has seen momentous change in the UK, America and across the globe. Having studied the position of the current economic factors looking forward, we are largely confident of good growth for the next few years, although this is not guaranteed. We hope our view is important to you, but your view is the most important.

We have always been advocates of clients and enquirers reviewing their financial planning on a regular basis, especially when circumstances and views change.

The team at Chapters Financial look forward to working with you from our Guildford office in 2017!

Keith Churchouse


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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