Thank you for the decade gone!

18 December 2019

With so much going on in most people's lives as we approach the festive season of 2019, it is easy to forget that it is also the last few weeks of the end of the decade. The team at Chapters Financial hope that it has been a good decade for you and your family and friends, and that the next few days bring you cheer.

We send our thanks to all our supporters over the last decade. It is great to reflect on what has been achieved since 2010 in Guildford and the surrounding area. We celebrated our 15th anniversary in October 2019 and look forward to the decade ahead as we continue to grow.

With the General Election now behind us, the next few weeks will be dramatic in their evolution and it will be interesting to see how the new parliament will act. The last General Election in December was in 1923, some 96 years ago, and perhaps this month's results will set the scene for a few years to come.

The team at Chapters Financial wish you a great festive season and of course a happy New Year…and decade!

Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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