05 January 2017

Bespoking most things is not as difficult as it once was. Indeed, many now see it as a part of their basic requirement when purchasing products and services. You only need to look at our roads and the cars on them to see the plethora of choice available both in terms of the car model and the specification you can choose. Each option obviously has a cost; however, we are all different and each of us has our own preferences.

Choice is fabulous and the same applies to financial planning. There are those who prefer a DIY approach to their money planning, those who buy the 'supermarket special' and, as you may anticipate, those who prefer something tailored specifically for them. Each to their own of course; however, there is something special about having something designed and made for you and most would agree that their money is something special.The website you are reading is bespoke and made to our exact specifications and requirements.We want to be different and we hope that our approach keeps you engaged.

In the same way, the team at Chapters Financial treats each client as an individual and be assured that we do not have an off-the-shelf model that suits all. We do not believe that good money planning ever can. Our objectives are to listen to you the client, understand your requirements and to confirm back to you the needs we have identified together and the ways we can help you achieve your financial objectives. We know that our service will not be appropriate for everyone, although in a way that is confirmation of our made-to-measure approach.

Next time you purchase something special and you hand over your card to pay, think about the last time you gave your money some special attention. We look forward to hearing from you when you're ready.

Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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