It’s Over! Friday 13th December 2019

13 December 2019

Friday the 13th (December 2019) has arrived and has been a good day for some and a horror story for others! Whichever way you look at it, the December 2019 General Election is over, and many will now revert to the festive season that has been lying in wait for the UK's political position to reveal itself. However you celebrate, or commiserate, we hope you have an enjoyable time as the decade of the 'noughties' draws to an end.

In the run up to the General Election, GBP Sterling rose slightly on what some suggested would be a clear majority for the Tory party and this result proved to be the case. This parliamentary majority now appears to be sufficient to move the Prime Minister's agenda forward, again to some cheers or tears, dependent on your political leanings.

Will Brexit now get 'done'? I think we are all a little tired of the topic. It has affected most aspects of our lives, and investment is just one of many examples, with some negative sentiment towards UK equities (shares) over the last period. Indeed, a recent journalist request for comment echoed this sentiment, although we were a little more positive in our outlook.

However, concerns for future global growth have been in focus for some time and we regularly update our Investment House View. More can be found here:

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