Happy 14th Birthday to Chapters Financial

04 October 2018

Early October 2004 saw our business open its doors for the first time in Guildford. I don't seem to remember the phones ringing off the hook that day, indeed it was a humbling experience, but it has been a fabulous and energetic journey to 2018.

A lot has changed over the intervening years, with a move to Guildford High Street, a recession, regulatory updates, a name change, a Woking venture, Brexit, the growth of our online proposition SaidSo.co.uk and a strong and stable (probably not the best term right now!) team who have shared our progress. My sincere thanks to them for their support of our business, both past and present.

Most importantly, we want to thank our clients, contacts and professional connections for all your continued and sustained support over the years. A large majority of our clients have remained with us from inception and the early days and, based on the number of enquires we receive every week, the need for independent financial advice remains strong throughout Surrey and our locality. We are in little doubt that this demand will continue to grow as time moves forward.

In our small way, it has also been great to support our local community, the community that serves us and that we serve, and we plan to continue with this into the future.

Thank you again to all that have been involved in our progress over the last 14 years, and you can guess that we are looking forward to the next 14 years with great anticipation.

Keith Churchouse


Chapters Financial Limited