Focusing the mind - It’s your life

24 May 2019

Breakfast with a fellow business owner recently was enjoyable, and also humbling.

The topic turned promptly at the outset (I think to get the topic over with) to the trials that our politicians had caused SME owners and how the last 6-9 months had been. All ok, but 'challenging' was the answer she gave in this instance, and in our experience of speaking to some enquirers of late, this position is not uncommon.

For the time being, gone seem to be the ebullient days of business bravado and significant growth expectations, replaced by concern for the indecision of our politicians to achieve...well, anything really! 'Steady as we go' seems, at least for the time being, to be a good place for some. For others who are closer to reaching the retirement window that they had envisaged some five years hence, as an example, have deferred until later the date they plan to stop work. This is understandable, based on the current business environment for some organisation and sectors of industry, and certainly focuses the mind about what is to be achieved from life.

We always advocate starting any retirement planning early, to consider the options available to a client for using the assets they have accumulated over their working lifetime, pension or otherwise. A look at our Retirement Options page might be worthwhile and this can be found here:

And what do we mean by early? I am no pilot, but I can imagine it is like the landing of a jet in London. You start your line up over the Atlantic, know which territories you will pass over on reaching the mainland, know which runway you are touching down on, and (I am sure) have a fair idea based on the conditions, how hard the landing might be. The analogy (if correct) works well in lining up your finances and financial planning well in advance to ensure that any retirement 'landing' is smooth, rather than bumpy.

However, you plan to make your retirement landing, take good financial advice early on in your 'flight path' and speak to the team at Chapters Financial Limited in Guildford.

No individual advice is provided during the course of this blog.

Vicky Fulcher


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