Feels terrible, but steady as we go!

06 March 2019

Many in the UK would be forgiven for feeling somewhat terrible at the moment. Scan the press (in its varying formats) or look at social media and you will not escape the events in Westminster that have simply dismayed and frustrated business and the public alike. Feedback (and a solution) from some of our clients is simply not to watch or listen anymore. A very sad position indeed.

It has not been easy to try to disengage from the daily charade that is UK politics to look at the bigger picture and possible ways forward, with or without the help of our legislators. I have certainly witnessed a change of mood in business owners since the start of 2019, in that they are now focussed on a way ahead. Action must be taken and this includes investment and financial planning.

The last couple of years has been extremely emotive for most people, with many being very vocal on political topics, and others less so. Irrespective of where an individual stands and feels right now (and for many it's terrible), the economic markets have, we believe, by and large factored in the current economic climate for the UK and globally. The greatest area of volatility is likely to occur in the value of Sterling, which in turn will have an effect on underlying asset values, positive/negative dependent on the movement.

With the end of the tax year approaching, we have naturally seen an uplift in business as individuals (and companies) look to use up their tax allowances where possible and prudent. We anticipate this will continue and is no less than it was in prior years. We hope this continues.

The Investment Committee at Chapters Financial is updated on a weekly basis on current economic views. And the overall view at this time is steady!

So steady as we go is our current view, even if it feels otherwise!

As we approach the end of the tax year, please do contact the team for your financial planning needs. More information on the allowances and opportunities can be found in our latest (February) client newsletter here: http://www.chaptersfinancial.com/blog/newsletters

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Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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