Chapters Financial continuing service / September 2020

26 August 2020

The last few months have been challenging for us all, both nationally and globally. With the recent easing of many restrictions, we hope you and those with you have coped with the lockdown and are well.

Maintaining sensible precautions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus remains a priority for us all, and this is certainly our view at Chapters Financial Limited. We have of course sought to maintain our full connectivity and continuation of service over the last few months/ weeks and have now looked to the autumn months of 2020 as we continue to serve our clients and enquirers.

As with many other progressive businesses, our use of technology has increased significantly, and we have been using Zoom and MS Teams systems for virtual meetings most days. If you would like contact for an update on this basis then please let us know.

In addition, we will now be able to conduct face-to-face meetings by appointment only, noting that to achieve suitable social distancing and safety. In holding a meeting at our office, we will take suitable precautions to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protecting both you and our team members. These include:

  • Full size Perspex screen in the new (rear office) meeting room to provide protection to all.
  • There is more than enough space for full social distancing.
  • Hand sanitisers / wash at entry to the building, office and meeting room as well as individual dispensers in the office and meeting room.
  • Limited beverage facilities.
  • Limited toilet facilities.
  • Masks may be worn by us during the meeting.

Thank you for your understanding in taking these measures at this time, with the aim of protecting all.

Chapters Financial accepts no liability for any infection of COVID-19 during your visit, or travel to and from the office. If you have any symptoms, please DO NOT visit.

We continue to thank our clients and contacts for their support during the challenging times that we all face and we hope that you stay safe.

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