Brexit Anniversary....where were we and where are we now?

26 June 2017

The first anniversary of the UK's vote to leave the EU has just occurred. The result and subsequent fallout has left many vexed and others happy about the future prospects for the nation outside Europe.

I was interviewed at our Guildford office by Incisive Media in the summer of 2016 on my views of the immediate outcome of the Brexit vote and the video of the interview can be watched here:

The year since the Brexit vote has seen significant change and in many cases significant investment returns, as detailed in our latest summer 2017 newsletter. If you would like a copy then please let us know.

As a snapshot of the current economy thus far, both the UK and American equity markets and business sentiment remain largely positive as examples, with the value of Sterling and the price of oil rather lagging. Good for filling the car up, as long as it's not abroad!

If you would like to consider your investment and pension strategy and allocations further then please contact the team at Chapters Financial.

As we noted in a recent blog, we hope that the outcome of the current negotiations in Westminster and Brussels runs smoothly...but politics was never that simple!

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Keith Churchouse FPFS


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