Auto-Enrolment / Workplace Pensions

The buzzword for pensions in 2017 is auto-enrolment, if you don't know what that is or you're not sure how it affects your company, you really need to talk to us ... now!

Company & Key Person Protection

What happens when a key employee goes down with a long term sickness? If you don't know the answer than perhaps we should have a chat about key person insurance.

Company Investments

Shares? Unit trusts? Thinking about buying a property for your business? We can advise on all types of investment and procurement issues.

Employee Benefits

A content team is one that performs, don't underestimate the importance of additional cost effective benefits in attracting and retaining a great team.

Pension Planning

Planning for your future and those of your employees, don't underestimate the worth of pensions and their value to your staff members.

Pension Property Purchase

We can advise you on the benefits and most efficient way for your pension fund to invest in in your business premises.