What to talk about on the radio?

16 August 2017

Some of you may know that I have had the pleasure in providing some expert views across Surrey and Sussex on the radio for over a decade. I can't deny that I love it, not because of having the opportunity of chatting through the topic I also love, but because call topics that are invited to come into the station from listeners are usually so random, that it really challenges your holistic knowledge.....and there's nowhere to hide behind the Mic!

I admit that I was caught out once, about a decade ago, and subsequently and avidly researched the topic questioned to make sure I knew what was asked for next time. It was a new and growing opportunity to financial services at the time, but it was a great example of looking outside your normal pension and investment fodder to ensure that your view of the options available to clients (and listeners) is broad and rounded.

And this raises the question of what topics to prepare for prior to a show, taking into account the time of the year. It's great to research what's in the news, affecting the person on the hybrid omnibus, the increasing cost of lying on a beach in Europe, as examples. It's also important to look at topics across age ranges and economic demographics to ensure that the short time you have reaches and inspires into action as many people who may be listening. It reminds me of the question of 'if you could change one thing?'.....in this case with your money planning! We hope that in a similar way, we achieve the same with these Blogs. It only takes one small piece of inspiration to make a real difference to your future money planning, like saving a little more, giving some money away to the family, or joining your company pension scheme. The list is endless.......but the most important question is what's on your list of priorities? Talk to your financial planner about your needs when you are ready.

Hopefully you will listen in to my radio thoughts soon, and the similarity between my chats on air and these notes, is that no individual financial advice is being provided.

Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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