Time & Money have a lot in common!

11 April 2017

If we were to ask you to look back in your past to points of note, would they be a memory of a good / bad time, or a monetary value? Usually, it is the experience of the time that is remembered, rather than the money that was or was not available at the point in question. We can usually all do this as we remember points in our lives and the growing pains or fun that they brought.

(We are not going to do this, but) if we could offer you money or time, which would you pick if it could not be both? Obviously the preference is both, although it is of important note that time and money have a lot in common! They can both be spent, they both offer value, and they can both be lost. The comparison list can be somewhat endless, but one issue is that, in our opinion, money can be recovered, but time can't.

What do we mean?

If you plan your money carefully, and you will know that we are advocates of good financial planning, then you can create diversity in the way your funds are held and invested to offer flexibility in the way you draw future funds, when needed. This can create opportunities to control your money and the way it is invested to provide the opportunity for it to grow in the medium term, whilst maintaining other funds for more immediate needs or unforeseen circumstances. We normally recommend that clients maintain 3-6 months' income in cash/cash type plans to cover emergencies as an example.

Good allocations of funds or savings across asset classes is a great opportunity to make your money work harder for you. We have considered this issue further at our Investment Planning section of our website here: Investment Planning

Taking this further, Chapters Financial also maintains a regularly updated Investment House View here: Chapters Financial Investment - House View

We have many clients who have enjoyed our service for over a decade and we look forward to helping them with their money planning, with the anticipation that they can then focus on their time planning.

We look forward to being a part of your plans soon!

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Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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