The long game 2019

25 January 2019

I am often asked by enquirers how old I am. This happened only recently, but why?

The enquirer was looking (in our opinion correctly) for a long-term relationship with a financial planner, to help them through the initial planned retirement phase and also to help them with their money planning thereafter, and of course, to be there to help their spouse in the event of the enquirer's death.The benefits of a joint meeting with a spouse or partner cannot be overestimated in ensuring that the right relationship is formed with all involved from the very start.

We're all getting older every year, and as the years tick by, our understanding of a client and their individual circumstances deepens, helping us to help them further as they reach older age and possibly need a little extra support.

As we have noted in previous blogs, we want to be looking after our clients in years to come, standing by the financial planning advice that we provided at the start, in the middle and even last week.

This means we don't have to sell 'products', or 'sell' at all. If a product is recommended as part of our planning solution, then this is arranged on a fee basis. You may remember that commission was banned some six years ago from most products.

Importantly for us, we call our clients 'clients' because we believe a customer buys once, but a client stays for a long time, and we want clients.

Trust! In a word, this is the basis on which the whole team works and aims to achieve over time. Never to be taken for granted, it allows us to serve our clients well and leads to more business and referrals.

And most importantly, we care passionately about what we achieve through our service, both initially, once settled, and at reviews, which we recommend.

2019 will be an interesting year, as a follow on from 2018. We will be here to support our clients and enquirers in continuing with the service and values that we established with the company back in 2004 in this, our 15th year. We look forward to the year ahead and we hope that you will join us as we continue to enjoy serving our clients into the future.

No individual advice is provided during the course of this blog. Talk to the team at Chapters Financial to see how we can help with your financial planning.

Keith Churchouse FPFS


CFP Chartered FCSI

Chartered Financial Planner

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